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Dates by appointment: Tuesday-Sunday: from 11am to 10pm
Zertifizierte Masseurinnen

You suffer from tension in the neck area , tension headaches or pain in the shoulders and neck ? Then the head and shoulder massage is just the thing for you!

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The Thai oil massage will you receive dressed only in a towel . It is softer than the classic Thai massage , striking with many , flowing elements and has a deeply relaxing , meditative effect.

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The Thai foot massage is a vigorous massage of the feet and legs up to the knees. You will feel relaxed and excited.

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Traditional thaimassage

The traditional Thai massage you will experience a very relaxing massage, which might be described as a combination of " passive " yoga and stretching , with elements of Shiatsu / acupressure.

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Sawadee kha welcome on the homepage of Die Thaimassage Stuttgart!

Relax in a friendly and familiar atmosphere.Forget the stress of everyday life. We give you the opportunity to unwind. Find peace of body and soul with our traditional thai massages.

We come from the land of smile and want you to feel good and smile!

Our masseuses have the best training in the famous school of the temple “Wat Pho” or comparably renowned institutes.